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26 JUN 2021

The Longest Day

24 Hour Row – World Record Attempt

Ex-rugby players, including Internationals, and experienced rowers, will attempt to break the 24 Hour Row World Record on Saturday 26th June 2021 in aid of the Friends of CROSS Cancer Research and the IRFU Charitable Trust.

Many charities have been severely impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with limited ability to fundraise, in particular with the cancellation of events over the last 15 months. For these ex-rugby players and rowers to attempt to break a world record during this time to help support two charities is both wonderful and humbling.

Please show your support for all the rowers: Scott Barron, Ryan Corcoran, David Corkery, Fintan Gilsenan, Conor Hurson, Paddy Johns, David Kelly, Colin McEntee, Shane McEntee, Malcolm O’Kelly, Nigel Osborne, Chris Pim, David Quinlan, Steve Rooney, Michael Swift, Jerome Thion, Liam Toland, Niall Treston, David Wallace and Paul Wallace. A special thank you to Nigel Osborne and Paul Wallace for leading the world record attempt and a very special thank you to Professor Freddie Woods who has volunteered to be the COVID Compliance Officer on the day to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all participants and volunteers over the 24 hours.

In Support of

All donations will be split evenly between the Friends of CROSS and the IRFU Charitable Trust.

Finally, to all the rowers – the very best of luck on the 26th and hope you all smash the record!

To show your support for the rowers, and to help support both charities, please donate at: 

Virtual Challenge

5TH & 6th SEPTEMBER 2020

This year we are going virtual! We are running a virtual challenge for our community to be a part of and help raise funds for the cancer research team in the Trinity St. James’ Cancer Institute. The steps to the Virtual Challenge 2020 are simple





any distance and post your time online using the hashtag #FRIENDOFCROSS

With huge thanks to our friends at Currys PC World we are delighted to share that all Virtual Challenge 2020 donating participants will be entered into a draw to win a



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About Friends of Cross

Approaching its 9th year, Friends Of Cross raise funds for the Cancer Research teams in St. James's Hospital & Trinity College, Dublin.

Funds raised by Friends of Cross have allowed the purchase of crucially important state-of-the-art research equipment, which have been used by over 60 researchers working in a number of cancer types, including oesophageal cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and lung cancer.

The number of newly diagnosed cancers is increasing by 6-7% annually and unless a major reversal of trends occurs in the near future, the number is likely to double in the next 20 years. Therefore, the way we treat cancer is changing. The 21st Century marks the dawning of a new age of personalised medicine. New targeted therapies are delivering remarkable responses in selected patients. We also have an enhanced understanding of the role that our immune system plays in how a cancer develops and how specific genes may contribute to how a patient responds to a particular treatment. This has allowed us to identify specific vulnerabilities in cancers that we can target therapeutically to improve quality of life and survival for cancer patients.

A strong collaborative approach between the scientific and medical worlds is the best way to make real advancements in cancer diagnosis and treatment. This is highlighted by the development of the Trinity St James’s Cancer Institute, which will be the first of its kind in Ireland. The development of the Trinity St James’ Cancer Institute is one of the most significant developments in Ireland’s response to cancer for a generation: an entirely new distinctive vision that places the patient as the central focus and integrates basic, translational and clinical research to improve the prevention, detection and cures for cancer and to make cancer a manageable chronic disease.

The Trinity St James’s Cancer Institute model will provide state-of-the-art cancer care for adults and children, providing access to the latest medicines and most advanced treatment options available. We aim to streamline testing, treatment and care delivery for our patients and to work with them to achieve the best results possible. The Trinity St James’ Cancer Institute’s compassionate healthcare team will include medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists, nurse practitioners, research nurse clinicians, treatment nurses, pathologists, social workers, oncology education specialists, pharmacists, and clinical psychologists who will work alongside scientists to deliver the best possible medical care. Understanding the stress and worry associated with dealing with illness, the Institute aims to provide a place of refuge and a sanctuary for patients

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